About En Pointe

images of people that interviewed throughout en point pop up one by one, including an image of two members of the plp team sitting on a couch and reading the print publication

En Pointe began in 2017 as a series of critical conversations with colleagues and mentors and eventually evolved into an ongoing collection of interviews that challenge and push us to think critically about the state of art and design, spanning a range of creative fields and voices. The conversations dive deep into projects of many types, examining the creative process and the constant search for meaningful impact in the design professions and beyond.

En Pointe is published by Point Line Projects in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PLP supports editorial and curatorial projects in architecture, art, and design. Our creative team shepherds projects from concept to completion, driving meaningful conversations across a variety of media and platforms. Visit our website pointlineprojects.com to learn more about our work and meet our team.

Need to reach us? Find us at: info@pointlineprojects.com

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