Vol. 2: Making Space

In our second print edition, En Pointe Vol. 2, we explore the concept of “making space,” a common thread among our interviews and an idea that takes on many forms within the cultural lexicon. The concept can take on a more literal approach—as in architects shaping new physical spaces—but can also be less tangible: carving space for one’s self within their industry, forging space for marginalized voices within the design world, or leaving space within one’s work for more fluid interpretations. 

From placemaking to making way, Vol. 2 highlights interviews with architects, curators, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who seek a new clarity in approaching and manipulating the space they inhabit. In this issue, you’ll hear from those clearing a place for themselves in their industries, pushing institutional boundaries to expand accessibility, and designing spaces that subvert expectations and incite change.

Vol. 2: Making Space anticipated release: Fall 2021

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